Hey Kid, Here’s What You Need to Know about 2020

I tossed out the resolutions. Instead, I had a chat with myself.

I get reflective, like many of us, at the end of the year. So, this year I took one of my favorite pics and made a little time to reflect back on my life and speak to the young me. I wanted to let her know what the current me knows now. Here are a few things that I told Young Aisha:

Dude…you know those movies where a crazy virus creates a dystopian society? Welcome to 2020. Stay calm — despite the mad rush in the beginning, you will have enough toilet paper.

Eat all of the French fries and potato chips that you can because, on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020, at around 9:20 am, your doctor is going to tell you that you can’t eat them anymore to avoid going on high blood pressure medication. You will also be advised to avoid eating anything with a lot of salt. You will ignore this advice for a little while, but because you don’t want to have a stroke or die, you will eventually stop being stubborn and change your diet. So, pour all the salty food down your gullet that you can now, kid, because when you hit your late 40’s, that goes away.

You have the best family in the world. The. Best. Full stop.

I know you’re going to think this is corny and you’ll get all Gen-X-whatever about what I’m about to say, but the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” cliché will apply to you. Yes, as I said, I know it’s corny. But you are going to go through some heavy, scary-monster-coming-out-from-under-the-bed, superhero-grade shit. Multiple times. And you will make it through. You might limp through it at times, but you are going to accomplish big things because of it. And you will still be able to smile and laugh and you will become your own superhero. Stop rolling your eyes at me, wise-ass. It’s true. Ugh — I can’t wait for you to grow up…

You like Limp Bizkit. You’re going to try to hide the fact that you do, but we both know the truth. “Rollin’” is on the playlist you listen to when you run (yes, you end up becoming a runner. That blows my mind too.), and you full-on sprint when you hear it. I’m calling you out on that guilty pleasure.

Yes, you are emotional. So what?! Don’t listen to the people who are telling you that that’s something that you should hide or be ashamed of. Those same people will count on you to be there when they need support or someone to talk to or comfort them. Your sensitivity is one of your superpowers. Being able to actively feel what you’re going through instead of stuffing it down is a strength. Go be your warm-fuzzy self out-loud and out-proud. Hugs hugs hugs!

Do not be ashamed of eating holiday cookies for breakfast every once and a while. If someone made them for you, that means they think highly of you and you should show them your appreciation. What better way than the first meal of the day?! Wash those snickerdoodles down with a nice cup of yogi tea. It’s all about balance. (The same applies to apple pie for dinner.)

You are in great physical shape in your 40’s. You’re not going to say that out loud to too many people because it might come off as immodest or bragging, but I’m going to tell you that you worked hard for your health and that body and you look amazing. Good job. Keep it up, and don’t overdo it.

You are silly AF. I’m laughing about that too. We crack ourselves up! Hahahahahaha!

That kid in the picture with you? The one who you bicker and fight with all the time right now, driving your parents crazy? The one you think ruined your Only Child gig after only 2 ½ years? She is the only person besides your mom on this earth at this point who has known you practically your entire life and she’s your ride-or-die. You two will always have each other’s backs, no matter what, without hesitation. And she will get her revenge because when you grow up you will feel guilty about picking on her when you were kids. Suck it up — you know you acted like an a-hole. Say you’re sorry and stop tormenting her and your parents. Y’all will be cool with each other when you’re adults.

Your humor is at times inappropriate. So is your language. This is not an admonishment. Luckily, like often attracts like and you will have a whole slew of people around you with a similar style. Relish it. Just watch what you say in certain company, potty mouth.

You will reach a point where you will have no regrets about anything in your past. To say that your life has been colorful is an understatement, but everything was a learning experience to get you to where you are now, and you will be grateful. You will love your life when you get to this point. Oh my God — stop rolling your eyes at me!!! It’s corny but true!

This is the most important thing for you to know, so I hope you’re listening closely. God and the Divine are everything. They love you infinitely. THAT’S YOUR COMPASS. You have been richly blessed by them with a ton of love around you and your job is to pay it forward. Love as much as you can, whenever you can, wherever you can, without expectation and regardless of who is on the receiving end or what their reaction may be. When you find that hard to do, ask God and the Divine for help — they’re always willing. You can’t go wrong with love, ever.

I love you. Go forth and conquer, kid. And watch your mouth!!!



Also known as the Cheerful Archer. Avid runner and yogi whose default setting is laughter. An empath who burns for relationships, spirituality, and wellness.

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Aisha Irvis

Aisha Irvis

Also known as the Cheerful Archer. Avid runner and yogi whose default setting is laughter. An empath who burns for relationships, spirituality, and wellness.

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