So, a little about me. I'm Aisha, the Cheerful Archer. I'm an intuitive empath, mystic, and healer.

Cheerful Archer Spirituality & Wellness is how I work with my Spirit team for the personal growth and life-purpose discovery for myself and others.

My services offer what I call "spiritual stew" - a blend of oracle card reading, astrology, energy healing, and wellness, delivered in warm, light-hearted packaging.

I love-love-love connecting with others and sharing spiritual information to help foster a self-empowered and self-affirmative mindset.

I'm also an avid runner, yogi, and I'm addicted to laughter. Outside of my relationship to my Spirit team, my connection to my family is my greatest joy.


Aisha Irvis

Aisha Irvis

Aka the Cheerful Archer. Empathic lightworker guiding others to a self-affirmative lifestyle and mindset. Avid connector, run-yogi and laughter addict.